A chalet building solution for everyone

Like our chalets, our offers are conceived to fit your needs, your desires and your budget. After defining the plans, we go with you in the encryption of your project, to customize it.


We have four major families of solutions :

  • Chalet Lombard Vasina build key in hand in Serre Chevalier Valley

A turnkey chalet

The turnkey is the good solution if you want a finished chalet. Only the kitchen, the decorative fireplace and outdoor facilities are not included. The interior is fully customizable to suit the cottage at your style.

If you don't live near the construction site, it's the best solution. Our foreman coordinate all teams from different companies. You don't have to came often to check that every thing is ok, we do it for you.

We just need to discuss at the beginning to create a project that suit you. Often we do first plans during your holidays in France, after we speak about details and changes by mails.

  • being built chalet by Lombard Vasina. Wooden construction in Serre Chevalier Valley near Briançon.

The covered and closed

More economical solution. In this offer covered and closed we build the structure of the chalet, then you do all the interior works.

The kit

If you are good with one's hand, the kit allows you to buy all woods necessary to build your chalet. This service included the definition plans, cutting of the structure, the prefabrication of wooden and insulated panels. Everything is packed on pallets and is supplied with plans very similar to a Lego notice. At you after to build it, to success, you need a crane or something similar and time.

  • Chalet plan draw by Lombard Vasina. computer drawing

Buying on map with terrain

(VEFA - Vente en Etat Futur d'Achèvement - Sale before completion)

Discover the chalets that we offer for sale, with the field. These chalets key in hand, with high quality works are fully customizable to suit your needs and wishes. The advantages : you win time in administrative procedures, you don't have to search the land and you have all insurances.

As in the turnkey offer, you don't need to be presents during the works, we do everything.

Actually for sale